Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a professional actor looking for representation, how should I apply?

Please send a covering note with your CV and photo

 to :

(please no large files and please include your address, your CV and your photo )

Are your books open for new clients?

There's always a vacancy for the right actor but we take on a very limited number.

Do you need to see an actor's work before you will offer representation?

Yes, ideally in the theatre.

Do you take on presenters / dancers / directors / choreographers / writers / footballers?


Can you give some general advice about being an actor?

We are sorry, no. We are asked this by so many people, so frequently and we don’t have the time and resources to do so. Please seek careers advice elsewhere. We’ll put some useful links on this website also.


Can you give some general advice about being an actor?

We are sorry, no. We don’t have the time and resources to do so but we have put some good links on this website which might help.

I'd like to be an extra, how do I apply?

You can apply by emailing us your photo and contact details (address and phone number), or apply online

We only take on extras who live in the North East of England.

Do I need any experience to be an extra?

No. Just some availability / flexibility to work week days.

Can I apply to the actors side and the extras side?

Please choose one only.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. We accept applications from adults only (17 and over).

We don’t represent children.

Do you take on extras based anywhere?

No. We only take on extras who live in the North East of England (Tyne and Wear , County Durham or Teesside)

My child is a very talented actor, will you be their agent?

Sorry no, We do not represent children.

Our advice to any young person interested in drama is to pursue opportunities within youth theatre, school, college and drama school.

What happens after I apply as an extra?

We receive hundreds of applications and we shortlist for interview according to what gaps we have in terms of age and type (we need to have a range of people in all age groups).   We interview about every four months, again depending on the amount of work in the region. Should you be selected for interview , we’ll contact you by phone or email to arrange a time. Following the interview, we’ll let you know (usually within a week) if we can take you on.

We hold all applications on file so if we do need to recruit more people, we go back to the files. So if you do not hear from us straight away, we might call you later.

Is there a joining fee?


Can I be a full time extra?

Not in the North east. Working as an extra does not offer a regular income or a full time job. We can only place extras when there is production in the region which is very unpredictable. If there's no production, there's no work. If it's busy, our extras can do quite a number of days.